Sunday, May 26, 2013

Jacky 2004-2013

I dont know how to start it but , today will mark a sad day for me,i have lost a best friend, a friend who stay with me for the past 9 years. A friend who never say no, stay by your side all times.
It was my Rottweiler mix Doberman ,pass away this morning as I walk to see him. I know its the time, the lifespan of a dog is around 7-12 years, but i really cannot accept the fact that he is gone.

I still can clearly remember the day when he was a pup, that day, back in 2004, I was 14, went to a place call sri serdang enter some small village, the place where Jacky was born....introduced by my neighbour my dad decided to get one dog to guard house.That day, I met him, he was huge for a 3 months puppy, I was told that hes mix from 2 big breed,rottweiler and doberman. I carry him happily, he seems scare,but his tail whipping so im pretty sure hes happy to join us.

Back in home, my whole family were happy to see him, playing around, thou puppy is naughty to bite shoes, distrub the grass, but...hes such an obedient dog.Jacky is really smart, he learn all the trick within one month and are able to follow command.

Day by day, he have grown up, his daily routine will include,morning walk, then do his business,and stay at his favorite spot. Everyday, when i get back from school,college,and few years will wait me.The moment I get down from car, he will come and lick me with his gigantic full of salivas tongue.....thou i hate it last time, but i will never ever get it again. THere is one time i scolded him for making my pants all wet....but i know he come to me because he love me, just that hes too huge and do not know his saliva gland is proportional to his size.

He still do the same, till yesterday, i get back home, he come to me...look a lil weak, after dinner, he went back to his favourite spot.I went to him i already know its time......there is tears in his eyes, whinning to me as if he were to say good bye. i know it all about the life cycle, but i just could not bear with the lost.

I have lost a 9 years friend.Yes Jacky is definitely my friend, people say dog is men best friend, its definitely true ! I have share many thoughts, anger with i know hes the one that never reject nor bored of my thoughts.

Jacky, i would like to tell you that I LOVE YOU! and i will always remember you,
thou i do not think i will have another dog as pet, i couldn't bear this feeling of losing a great friend again.

Jacky, 2004-2013
always in my memories.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013


thanks to bb1m,err should i say, thanks to the futures of me.....since the money come from future. (if you dont get what i mean, try think from where the RM250 are from) definitely not from our PM pockets.

bought philips earphone...:) mouse, keyboard, lots of self enrichment book worth more than RM300. thanks to popular free RM50voucher.

so the parliament have finally dissolve,strangely the fkli shoot up, its totally out of my expectation, but i strongly believe it will fall like g6 soon.

okay, i have set a new goals, that is accumulating FDs !
my goals will be 100 pcs of it !.

as of today, 7/100.

~rushing tutorials works.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Current status.

Futures FKLI

uhh well, ever since the margin have increase back to RM6000 per lot, i could not trade much. Not strong signal to enter for the past few weeks.

Average Earning : 5-10 points per week.


Never touch since last year December.Most equity i holds are in Pavreits.

Average Earning:  just taking dividends, and unrealized paper profit of RM0.32 per share.

Others (climb hill)

quite active back recently, no more worries and objection, everything went smoothly.

Average : RM1000 per climb.

After the bad burnt when i was 18, im afraid of this instrument, but this whole week i did try to starts from scratch again. I always believe to start of where you were fallen,and I have confident that I can go through this.

aiming for extra USD 100 per week first.

So far so good, quite relaxing last semester.As i said since sem 1, the course are design in a way that only retards will not pass it.Thou i find FBA is a lil challenging, but I dont have to crack back my memories on A-lvl math to pass this subject.

 In a few more months, I will graduate and officially work full time.So far, our product still can survive, thanks to the unsuitability of  Malaysia's safety. A lot orders, and projects going on.
Work few days in a week, and rest went do investment :)

Thats it for the minor updates,
Qing Ming soon, time to get nag by grandma again.

Melvin~ the believer.

Friday, December 14, 2012


Haha, its been really long time. Duh, due to work life, university life, love life? haha....yet these months bring me valuable experiences and well, both sweet and bitter memory. I believe that chapter will remain deeply inside my memory.

Mission impossible? achieved already,getting six digits is nothing to shout about.Getting is easy, but maintaining it was really hard.

Study? haha, result just out, and nothing surprising, passing or even getting good grades in any business course is so norm....even i had never attend any class for one of the subject, i still had a distinction...epic.

Work? things are getting tougher, but thanks to the growth of our customer company,we grew together.Successfully capture most money transport markets,but i really want to venture into new business.

Love life? thats it. It come, it go, look like i really have to focus on my goals and dream first.I will put that auto gear mode, it will come when it arrive.Nothing to worry about, and never rush for one. I have learnt my lesson.

well that's all for now. Got to go workout,after sick for almost a week.


Friday, December 30, 2011

Mission I'mpossible : RM100,000.00 by 22.

well, I have blog about my life journey to adult,
now lets get something much more interesting...

money goals :P
RM100,000.00 before i'm 22 (10th July 2012)

now is like 87 % to complete.
i have roughly 7 months to be exact...6 months and 10 days...

so that's the past 6 months...i only manage to get RM13,000. from my investment ...duh..
i really have to work even harder from now on !

thanks to futures trading, if not i will never gain that fast =.=''
as in equity...i have reduce my stakes for this i have transfer most to my futures account. Others investment includes, reits,business...etc.

as for my equity portfolio,
this month i have sold out my kianjoo at its peak...
and then get some intraday profit from JCY,KNM and CIMB.

now I am still holding to smartag (duh...dropping everyday)
and the coastal..(it's a good fundamental company....but enter at its suffering)
cash...still holding a i do not dare to buy anything big this month...better hold cash first..

klci sot dy...jump almost 20points last 5 minutes of trading..
luckily i closed my short position in futures early morning.

is it hard to have a mate/partner that can share similar vision and futures aim with you?
sometimes i just don't understand how a girl think.
is it wrong for me to work extra hard for a better futures? ...swt.

bb tc.
oh ya...happy new year eve everyone.
hopefully tomorrow will be a better day...--

Monday, October 31, 2011

Feeling good. :D


it's been a long time since i wake up with a smile on my face.
well, not only because of the market rebounding, but well..yea =D
having someone care about yourself is really like a magical power haha....

it's been a long time since i pay so much attention on my phone...waiting for replies..LoL.

Today was epic...
i prepared for my FA2 tutorial, and by 9.30am, i almost reach taylors...but then...luckily my friend told me it was i went to do something much more important at sunway pyramid :)
haha it's fate afterall....=p

then went to icbm lecture..another epic was by ms.lisa..and it took roughly 15 minutes to finish the lecture...just purely telling us the exam format....duh..
then went chat with jill,ratha,cs.. well, there were funny peoples.. :P
well, at least they wont think so many things to fool their friend...
went back to for cisb lecture...but duh...only found that there is no more lecture for cisb..
luckily me and my group already plan to do discussion today, so we discuss earlier...till 2.30pm

and then i went back...reach home by 3.15pm.
open up my laptop, log in to the futures only 2 transaction...tadaa...: RM350...profit..LOL..
then to my equity platform....hmm not yet able to realize profit...did some shopping....hopefully these counter will not make me dissapointed.

till 6pm, went take dinner...back.
and start waiting for sms...hahaha..
she is just too adorable la.....i'm just so lucky. :P

14 days to exam. I will try my best !

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Time to get serious.

Uh, another week have passed.
that was fast @@

hmm luckily i did spent my time wisely, beside revision, i did study more on futures, more on value investing, as well as technical analysis for Forex trading.Yes i'm still the risk-lover investor. :)

i really want to thanks to GOD for giving me such an interesting knowledge, the art of investing...haha thank you !

hmm, beside that, i spend a wonderful afternoon with someone, =p i wish everyday also will be like that..haha. but i know i can...soon !!

all right, time to get really serious, in about 2 weeks time i will sit for my final in semester 3,
hmm, qm and icbm so far no problem already....FA2 really a bit tricky for me..and the cisb..duh..! i really hate writing informations...system thingy..haha.
But what to do, it's in my study plan..and one of my core subjects.

hmm, i watched few show on cooking....duh...seems like i really interested to learn how to cook well..haha yea one of my dream is to own a restaurant ! ...and i will work for it..!! provided i have the chance !! thou i did go work as a chef helper ...for about a month..but i learn nothing they only ask me to pick and arrange the dishes and raw materials...for the chef..
but i believe one day day i will achieve it !.

and recently ,i interested to venture into car trading business !, duh...those 2nd hand car seller earning madly !! money flow in like well as those involve in accessories for, small capital, fast return..and high margin !! lovely !
will gather more info on it...

but have to concentrate in my exam first, i believe this time round, i have nothing to disturb me mentally,i can do my very best...unlike last time.damn thinking back i'm really...out of control...why should i even care so much...but EQ is really low..i admit that...need to read more books on controling EQ...

Melvin. last week portfolio...: +5.5% :0